Atomic Mail Sender v2.8

Atomic Mail Sender (AMS)

Atomic Mail Sender (AMS) is a flexible direct mail delivering and newsletter sending program with HTML mass email support and tracking facilities. The number of email recipients in lists and the number of lists themselves are unlimited. Atomic Mail Sender is perfect for sending personalized e-mails in bulk. The program can also be used to merge email lists with any other email address database. The program can be integrated with Atomic Email Tracker (web-based email/newsletter monitoring service) to keep your email campaigns under control by monitoring who opens and reads email, who clicks links or loads images in real-time mode. So, this mass mailer allows you to perform basic mailing list management tasks: add new addresses, remove unused addresses, monitor you email campaing, unsubscribe etc.

Atomic Mail Sender is a stand-alone mass email software. The only requirement is an Internet connection. The program has its own internal SMTP server and delivers email messages directly to their recipients by passing your ISP mail system.

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