Company Logos: You Need One

A picture is worth a thousand words. Successful companies have logos that build
brand recognition and speak for themselves. Millions of consumers are able to
recognize the Macintosh Apple, the Golden Arches, and the Reebok “swish” on
sight. Creating an eye-catching logo is a great way to secure your company’s
reputation and create consumer interest.

Depending on your level of computer skill and expertise, you may choose to
create your own logo using a graphic software program such as Adobe
Photoshop. You can also research the millions of public domain images and clip
art available on the internet and “adopt” one to represent your company. If you
choose to “adopt,” it’s a good idea to look up other virtual corporations in your
industry and peruse their logos, both to get a general idea of what works and to
make sure another company isn’t using the image you select.

If your budget allows for it, the best option for business logos is to hire a graphic
designer to create an original concept, which can then be copyrighted so no
other company can use it. When choosing a graphic designer, be sure to ask for
samples or browse their online portfolios to make sure their style conforms to
your needs and tastes.

If you sell home-baked treats or hand-crafted items for
children, you’ll probably be interested in a graphic designer whose work is on the whimsy side; however, if you are a financial consultant or you produce a line of
executive toys, you will look for a designer with a more sophisticated bent.
Graphic designers’ rates vary, usually depending on experience and/or additional
services provided. You should be able to locate a competent graphic designer
within your budget, and the one-time fee for a logo that will serve your company
for years is worth the cost. Try for great logo design!

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