Free Niche Power Builder "WordPress"

Niche Power Builder "WordPress"

"Powerful New WordPress Niche System Gives ANYONE The Power To Churn Out Money-Making Niche Empires At The Click Of A Button!"
Introducing the easiest way for you to load up your WordPress website...

WordPress Current Version 2.2: NichePowerBuilder Script & Useful Plugins
If you have already installed WordPress 2.2:

1) Download And Install The Following File:
(See the /npb/readme.txt file for script installation instructions)

2) Adsense Deluxe and Headspace plugins (Extract zip file to wp-content/plugins folder)

If you have not installed WordPress 2.2:

1) The WordPress 2.2 + plugins + script installation files.
(See the /npb/readme.txt file for script installation instructions)

And the Bonus eBook

Special Bonuses
1) Download your File Renamer software custom built to work with NichePowerBuilder article files here.

2) Improve the visitor conversion of your new WordPress websites - download ImpactPopup to create great looking popups here. (You get Master Resale Rights!)

3) 7,000 Reusable Articles organized by category(article folders). Just load these article folders into the npb/data directory, and you are ready to kick-start your Adsense empire.

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