Oscommerce 2.2 MS, [+ modded version]

Right now, I have just implemented some basic stuff:

Contributions installed:

Easy Populate 2.76d-MS2 (with Admin + attributes)
12 Feb 2007

Easy Populate makes it simple to populate your OSC store with products without using the web interface at all.
Easy Populate lets you download all your products into a csv file, edit them in the spreadsheet of your choice, and the reupload them to update your products, changing prices, categories, quantities, etc.
If new manufacturers, categories, or subcategories are found in the data, they are created for you on the fly.
Register Globals OFF
9 Oct 2006

More_Pics_6 for 2.2 ms2 + lightbox and auto thumbnail.
19 Feb 2007

Add UP to 6 more Pics to Oscommerce 2.2 ms2. This will allow you to use 0-7 pics with oscommerce 2.2 ms2
Auto thumbnail creator is added.
Admin Products Paging
6 Mar 2007

This contribution was created because of the need of paging the list of products in admin.
Some categories needed to have hundreds of products, and inserting or just editing them was too slow or simply impossible.
Now on admin Product/Categories, pages will be splitted according to the settings in Configuration > Max Values
Access with Level Account (v. 2.2) for the Admin Area of osCommerce (MS2)
12 Nov 2006

Allows you to password protect admin area, create different user level access zones for your users, etc.
Review Approval System 1.3
13 Jul 2006

This is a system to have an admin approve reviews before they are displayed publically. It includes necessary hacks in catalog section and additional functionality to admin/catalog/review section.
Anti Robot Registration Validation 2.6 + images
9 Feb 2007 (v.2.6)

This will add a Random-graphical-text Validation field in Registration form to protect your osC Shopping Cart from being flooded of robotic-member-registration (like many free webhost signup form...)

Some extras:
New automatic update system for currencies, (with cron)
added all world zones.
added some little cosmetic changes...


You will need:
PHP 4.3 or above
mysql 5.0 or above
Register Globals OFF


How to Install:

1. Open any search and replace tool, like the one I provide on the zip file.

2. Replace all occurrences of yoursite.com with your real domain/subdomain.

3. Create a database, along with a username and password.
(Should be mysql 5.0 or above, but might work with 4.1, not tested).

4. Open phpmyadmin or other tool, and import dump.sql

5. Open:
and edit your site info, path and database details.

6. edit your logo:
Find /images/oscommerce.gif and /admin/images/oscommerce.gif

7. Upload all files.
Chmod folder /temp 777
Chmod folder /download 777
Chmod folder /images 777
Chmod folder /images/imagecache/ 777

8. Access yoursite.com/admin
Login: admin@localhost.com
Password: admin
Create categories, products, taxes, manufacturers, etc...

9. You're done.

I have removed spanish and german language folders.
You can set a cron job if you want to auto update multi currencies:
set a cron job for every 24 hours to /home/user/yoursite.com/admin/update_currencies.php
(replace /home/user/ by your own).

enjoy an apocalipse2 modded release.
More contributions will be added soon, when I got some extra time.


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