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Advanced Page Rank Analyzer is the search engine optimization software designed for retrieving Google pagerank values for a list of web sites (URLs). This pagerank tool also finds the number of inbound links for each URL and checks each web site for availability in the Google Catalog and DMOZ and Yahoo directories. There are two types of pagerank reports available. You can view the average values of all ranking parameters for a list of URLs and the detailed ranking information for each web site on the list.

While optimizing a web site, it is often necessary to evaluate the competition level for one or another search phrase. Other time, it may be interesting to find out the PageRank of pages referring to your web site. In all of such cases, analysis of great number of URLs is required for determining their search ranking. Performing this task manually may appear too labor-intensive. At the same time, our pagerank tool allows performing the required analysis within a few minutes!

Our Google PageRank analysis tool allows checking the following ranking parameters:

- Google PageRank value.
- Number of inbound (backward) links - based on data from several search engines.
- Web site availability in the Google Catalog, DMOZ and Yahoo directories

Advanced Page Rank analyzer can also extract URLs for specified search queries from Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN Search and AllTheWeb. Therefore, you can collect the URL list for selected search phrase and then analyze it with our pagerank analysis tool.

The complete list of this pagerank software's features can be found in the Features section.

Additional software required for working with Advanced Page Rank Analyzer is: Internet Explorer - version 5.5 or greater, Google ToolBar.

The Google ToolBar is a toolbar you can use when you are running Internet Explorer. After its installation you will be able to see the PageRank (PR) of a page. It can range from 0 (not important page according to Google) to 10 (very important page according to Google). This feature is included when installing the Google ToolBar with advanced features.


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